Company Profile & Scope of Activities

Ace Invest controls and oversees the activities of several companies and projects such as Getaway short stay, Group Globiss student housing, Wesp automotive technology, LA-based entertainment company Conflict Pictures, ...

Entertainment is our passion. To turn passion into creation is a dream for every investor. For us, this dream came true by starting Conflict Pictures in Los Angeles.

The Wesp Automotive Technology project perfectly fits in the spirit of the many thriving technology parks in the greater Leuven area, housing some very advanced private research facilities as well as university spin-offs.

Nevertheless, real estate accounts for the major part of our activities. It encompasses stylish residential real estate as well as commercial real estate in the fields of retail, offices, warehousing, parking lots and hospitality projects, mainly providing luxurious short-stay possibilities. We fully own all of the properties that we put on the market for rental.